Stripes attract attention

No matter what they are used for, stripes are the most noticeable pattern.

Stripes stand out

The immediate and repetitive change from one color to another calls attention to itself, which explains why caution signs are almost exclusively striped.

Unique feature

Visual power of stripes comes from the inability to distinguish a stripes foreground from its background. This can be confusing and scandalous.

Devil's Clothing

Beginning from the 12th and 13th centuries, abundant documentation in all areas emphasizes the demeaning, pejorative, or clearly diabolic quality of striped dress.

Capital Crime

In 1310, a cobbler in the French town of Rouen was condemned to death because, according to the local archives, he had been caught in striped clothes.

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Change of course

Starting in the 16th century, stripes shifted from being strictly diabolic into eventually positive meanings. It became a uniform for servants and found its way on textiles, integrating its way into the home.

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Stripes art

If there are black and white high contrast stripes, well it becomes a supreme scene.

Marvelous Romance

Fabulous Compulsion

Eternal Fight

I Like Envelopes

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